CarWink is a car accessory gadget allowing drivers to communicate better with other drives on the road. Designed with both form and function in mind, CarWink sets out to break the boundary between vehicles by using simple and pure communication methods. Simply put, CarWink is an extension of the driver.
The goal was to create a car accessory that accompanied high quality materials with simplistic functionality. To do so, the team used: 1) high temperature resistance Li-ion batteries for power storage. 2) Solar panel for passive energy harvesting and extended usage time. 3) 479 individual LEDs for high quality visual display. 4) Metallic hinge for sturdy fortification. 5) Magnets as intuitive connection blocks. All of the components are then encapsulated into a high quality ABS Plastic unibody sphere to give it an elegant and minimalistic finish.
CarWink is a unique device in its category. Not only is the product a unique communication tool, but it also serves as an extension of the user’s personality. We believe the road can be a much better place, and to start, we want to reshape the driving experience.

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