Cars, as standard in modern homes, are an important space for people’s lives. Due to traffic congestion, people spend more and more time in the car every day. With the development of driverless technology, richer forms of entertainment will become stronger than just thinking, communicating and “passive” listening (radio, CD, and car MP3) in the car.
Singing is a human nature. We think about how to use the car’s audio system to make “active” singing (sounding) in the car while retaining the traditional “listening” function. So, this car karaoke – CARKTV was born. It uses the built-in memory card, Bluetooth module, FM transmitter chip, to achieve the machine “listen to sing” and Bluetooth “listen to sing” so that the car can “listen” and “sing”!
CARKTV through the Bluetooth module and the phone connected by FM transmitter technology with the car or other audio with FM connection, the sound of the loud speaker. Therefore, in addition to the car, CARKTV can also achieve living room, outdoor, street, beach and other “listening and singing” song full scene experience.

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