Car Fragrance Stick

Designed to solve several issues of traditional liquid perfume diffusers, the perfume of which is highly volatile and easily deteriorated or may even explode due to exposure to high temperature and the glass bottle breaks easily. This solid fragrance stick adopts plant extraction technology, which is healthier and never over-volatile. Solid fragrance does not overflow with excessive scent loss and you can easily replace different fragrance sticks. One solid fragrance stick is placed in a simple and compact container made of aluminum alloy. The container is attached to the air vent, leveraging the air from air-condition to speed up the fragrance diffusion. Fragrance concentration can be adjusted by the rotary switch and you can turn off fragrance partially or even turn it off completely when you don’t need it. When the switch is turned off, the fragrance will remain in a relatively closed space and thus you may reduce the volatility of the fragrance sticks to extend its life.

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