The innovative LiNQ system is a universal quick attach accessory that allows over 100 accessorization configurations on 4 BRP vehicle product lines thus enhancing the overall consumer experience. BRP is the first recreational vehicle manufacturer to develop such a complete modular accessory system by providing the ability to add more accesssories year after year since its introdction. The integrated approach makes it extremely convenient for the end user as well as for the dealer to install, attach & detach to transform a vehicle’s usage in seconds. The system’s flexibility permits new accessory add-ons year after year. The LiNQ system is built into the accessories to provide a visually integrated fit while being rugged and extremely reliable to withstand the roughest conditions. Key components of the accessories are made of recyclable grade plastics & alloys. Not only is it more convenient for the end user, it reduces complexity and inventory at the dealership level. The highly functional & innovative nature of the LiNQ system strengthens our brand reputation and reinforces our competitive leadership role as defining lasting innovations in design and in performance.

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