BC 5000 EVO+ is a smart battery charger with an embedded temperature sensor and a battery & alternator tester, provided with a last generation microprocessor which executes a cutting edge multicycle algorithm. It is ideal for a complete care of 12V batteries up to 160 Ah, from the initialization of new batteries to the recovery and desulfation of used batteries, up to long term maintenance.
The START&STOP program is optimized for AGM & EFB battery maintenance.
– 3 programs: CAR for car batteries, BIKE for motorcycle batteries, START&STOP for AGM/EFB batteries
– Maximum charging current: 5 Amp
– LCD display with digital voltmeter
– Testing function: it executes a guided battery test (state of charge & cranking power) and charging system test (alternator/regulator)
– 8-steps charging algorithm: recovery (from 1.25V), charge, desulfation, analysis, maintenance and equalization
– Battery types: traditional, gel, MF, AGM, EFB, VRLA, Ca/Ca
– Embedded temperature sensor
– Protections: polarity inversion, short circuit, overcharge, overheating. No sparks
– It verifies if the battery is able to retain its charge

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