AproVIEW is a unique aftermarket Head Up Display Product for drivers who seek a better driving experience combining Trend, Technology and Style. AproVIEW GUI & Interface were redesigned with the driver’s context in mind with simple, intuitive and accurate information delivered to the driver from an appropriate scheme of colors and shapes. The radiator-like form, what we call “FIN STYLE”, helps the product suit all car interiors and reduce sun glare from the outside environment. Furthermore, the distinct form helps hide the air vents for a minimalistic look, and reduce the feeling for the size of the product. Even more, AproVIEW has cutting edge HUD technologies: Virtual Distancing and Ghost Prevention, which are only found in some new premium cars and never had been seen before on competitors. They help the driver to concentrate on the road ahead after reading the information quickly without hesitation. AproVIEW thinks about the needs and the safeties of the driver while making the driving experience more fun and enjoyable.

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