AOSSCI is a domestic independent innovation leader and ecological construction, the company is committed to the intelligent flight platform, independent software in the field of exploration and practice, and developed a set of suitable for digital platform of multi subject, open, collaborative innovation, AOSSCI X-GCS using Intel i7 processor configuration 16G DDR4 (the highest memory can be expanded to 32G), 1T MLC SSD, as well as the sunshine nits LumiBond R HD display, you can easily achieve the mission planning and flight control graphic interface, realize secure monitoring of high intelligence, have a flight management and voice prompt, can replace the backup battery, ensure the long time work safety, shockproof, waterproof. Mobile and portable, can work normally at -20 DEG ~45 DEG environment, can realize the process of flight, trajectory planning, and command, information, images, such as real-time transmission, control chain and also has high reliability, and can realize digital control link, ad hoc network communication machine, chain terminal can realize the road encounter emergency disposal automation

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