Design approach:

To ensure comfortable and safe operation of in-car infotainment systems, sufficiently large controls and displays are absolutely essential. However, common after-market infotainment systems designed for installation in DIN slots limit the manufacturers to small displays and buttons.

Alpine is now introducing after-market products with vehicle-specific center panels that smoothly integrate large easy-to-read displays and easy-to-use buttons while keeping the original vehicle controls and functions.

Level of detail:

Installation specialists capture the vehicle geometry using 3D laser scanners; design teams in Japan, the USA and Germany compose the installation panel, the illumination concept and the GUI color range in harmony with the interior design. Audio experts optimize the sound system to each model's unique acoustics. Engineers provide mechanical and electrical modifications which support easy installation in the specific vehicle and preserve display-based vehicle functions, for example, parking sensor graphics.

Alpine is thus starting a paradigm shift in the infotainment after-market:
From an “installation” concept to an “encapsulation” concept.

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