The AirShroud E-Car Cover is the latest innovative solution in resolving some of the most frequent hassles for people who use traditional car covers and that is the uncovering and the storing process. Its biggest USP is its ability to retract a typically large indoor and outdoor car cover quickly and easily back into a compact pod so that it is safely stored, with just a press of a button and a little guidance. The advantages of this are that during the whole uncovering process, the owner doesn’t succumb to any mess (which the environment would throw at if it’s an outdoor cover), the process is very easy and the cover is immediately stored in a compact form. It is versatile and can be used for any kind of covers regardless for indoors and outdoors. The covers used are specially formulated for AirShroud, as not only must it match the highest-quality of the best car covers out in the market, but it must be incredibly thin, soft, durable and light in order to be usable with the AirShroud device.

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