AEGIS is an innovative electric vehicle (EV) portable charger that provides quick and convenient charging access.

Inheriting its name from the shield of Zeus because of its functionality and ‘lifesaving’ qualities, AEGIS provides confidence and dependability for electric vehicle owners.

AEGIS shell is made out of titanium and is structured intuitively for weightless, long-lasting, efficient, and easily storable use – the gold standard in the field of vehicle ingenuity.

AEGIS is equipped with the retractable cord design that allows for compact storage and quicker setup.

AEGIS power plug will automatic storage back when user finish charging in order to provide safety for the passengers.

AEGIS has a suction on the bottom that allows it to be placed anywhere in the car and can stick to locations near the vehicle inlet while charging.

AEGIS is to provide users fast, simple operation and easy storage when charging vehicles. More forward to enhance the electric cars users’ convenience, expand electric cars market and hope to make earth become cleaner and healthier.

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