Valtra A4 is a living example that also a very cost efficient tractor can be ergonomic, good looking and highly productive at work. It has already awarded as “Machine of the Year” at Paris this year (=best tractor in the world).

By being produced in Finland & Brazil and sold for over 100 countries, the Valtra A4 is truly a machine designed for the harsh climates of both frozen grounds and extreme heat and everything in between. It is also aimed to fulfill the need of a cost effective, but productive machine where areas of food demand is going to be rising steadily in the future and the economy doesn’t allow for expensive purchases.

Even through Valtra A4 is a very affordable tractor, it can also be highly customized to the customers needs. Like other Valtra tractors it can be ordered with ten different colors, additional forestry features and even go through the unique Valtra Unlimited program where customers can add completely customizable features and options. The sky is truly the limit!

Valtra A4 isn´t the most high horsepower tractor in the world, but we think that is the old fashion way of looking at machines. Horsepower shouldn´t matter – performance should.

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