The Mink is a product designed around ergonomics, safety & sustainability.
To provide a one step closer to nature but with full comfort.
Equipped with a Convertable interior, including a bed and a pop-up table, S.O.S. system with GPS tracking, first aid kit, table games, a sound system and is incorporated with a skylight on the roof and round windows on each door to create a wide sensation inside such a small space.
A fully equipped mini kitchen on the back side, with camping gas, a cooler and recycling bag to sort out the garbage
A front compartment to store fishing, climbing equipment, a portable BBQ grill, you name it.
The mink contains all you need for your latest camping experience.
Since we know you want to be unique and sometimes change appearance, we offer customization in colors, patterns, and interior LED light that will fit your own personal style.
Possible to customized in different colors and also pattern customization.
The latest experience in camping and traveling.
Ideal also for business road trips, since it has wifi you will always be connected to send your emails or receive a client call.
Ready to enjoy the future of camping experience.

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