The P-ONE Recorder for Paramera 2017 is designed specifically for use with the Porsche Paramera 2017 model. The product is used for driving traffic record, mainly reflected in two aspects:1) used to record the scenery along the way. 2) record traffic accidents that may occur during traffic accidents for identification.
The product design is based on the Porsche Paramera 2017 vehicle styling language,make overall style of unity,and the installation location is unexpected.Lens design language products from SLR cameras, enhance professional product attributes.
Product hardware with Ambarella Chip, and sony lens and image sensor, high-sensitivity CMOS can fully enhance the imaging performance of dark environment.1080p HD recording with 148 degree viewing angle to ensure road conditions clearly visible. Product built-in gravity sensor, the sensitivity’s level is adjustable, in case of emergency, the recorder can be on-site video data alone to protect against recirculation video coverage.Open the APP connected product’s Wi-Fi, you can watch the shooting screen in real time, access to historical images,and can downloaded videos to the phone local, simple and convenient.

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