A story that has changed the leisure vehicles’ world and turned the traditional crafts into design; the Mobilvetta story has paved the way to internationalisation and anticipated the future.
A new product philosophy was introduced: the conception of the ricreational vehicle not only as a well-equipped product but as a real “travelling home”.
This is Mobilvetta “Puro Italian Design”
We came up with the V-Concept with the desire to highlight all the elements that have always distinguished the Mobilvetta brand. Craftsmanship, design, style and elegance combined beneath the distinctive Mobilvetta V.
The V Concept is to be found in the design of the wall units in continuity with the ceiling panels of the modern Yachts, in the armrests of the V-Sofa and in the upstands of the tops for kitchen and bathroom.
We worked the V Concept into the spaces of the kitchen, shaping the top into a continuous surface which, thanks to the LIGHT STONE single-piece forming technology, allowed us to extend it to create the back and seat of the dinette.

The V Concept takes place in the toilette area, shaping the top out of LIGHT STONE:
the sink, toothbrush hol

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