The ENTARON HD4 sets new standards in the compact air filters for construction and utility vehicles. It is one third smaller than in similar products with the same power. The freely positionable, self-locking retaining clips, the 360 ° rotatable sealing cap and the freely configurable intake manifold make it unrivaled in its flexibility. Both its performance and flexibility are visualized in the design. The, top surface, easy release longitudinal ridges serve not only as a typical CI-element, but also visualize the dynamic flow of air inside the filter. The for the flexibility decisive, freely positionable retaining clip mounts, are formally integrated and form the central graphic element of the filter housing. Further design details such as the handles of the retaining clips held in a proven signal color, also contribute to the user safety and serviceability of the ENTARON HD4. Overall, an equally robust, functional and dynamic housing design was realized, that highlights the numerous functional innovations and is very user-friendly.

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