DW-9400 was designed for winter conditions are optimized to use on snow and ice. It has taken into account comprehensively including many factors, the constructions, the tread rubber, the tread pattern, the estimation of environment risk, SIPE designed, PITCHs etc. Being all ways to stay safe as our priority.
3D shoulder blocks designed is adapted primarily to allow penetration of the snow into the tread, where it compacts and provides resistance against slippage. Specialized tread design at the outside of the tire tread to increase snow contact and friction and make driving safe.
3D Studs shape designed come into contact with rubber hole so that a stud jacket can be inserted and the flange at the bottom of the jacket can be fitted nicely to the PITCH making DW-9400 drive like Polar bear running on the ice.
Diamond embossed designed on stud holes are like Polar bear’s pawn results in creating polluting dust and wear in the wheel path that prevents proper drainage, eliminate skidding on ice and snow.
Wave 3D SIPE designed allows the tire to dig deep into snow, grip harder on ice, and ultimately provide more control.

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