The Dog Capsule is a special designed dog transport box for helicopters and cars – stylish, light and noise insulated.

She can be buckled as if the design fits to the belts of helicopters and cars. The exterior lines fit exactly to most helicopter- and car seats as well.
By pressing the button in front the visor opens up, so the dog can easily enter and leave the box.

The exterior styling of the Dog Capsule follows the lines of the most common VIP helicopters and has an interior fitted out with Foglizzo leather.

The Dog Capsule is 44 cm long, 25 cm wide and 30 cm high. She can be carried by two different leather straps. With integrated runners you can arrange the Capsule even inside your salon, living or bed room.

The very light Dog Capsule can be used as a transport handbag too and turns then into a lifestyle statement. Even if the helicopter or the yacht is not visible the dog owner shows his or her hnwi lifestyle through the Capsule.

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