CKLO car air purifier has a delicate and small body, with industrial production standards, a more assured overall product experience. The gradual streamline surrounded by the product implies that the air is continuously adsorbed and filtered through a continuous loop.The design adopts simple line and geometric design language, and achieves good purification effect without electricity. The filter core fiber matched with the product is covered with persistent micro charges, forming a mechanism similar to “black hole”. It can effectively adsorb formaldehyde, TVOC, benzene, secondhand smoke and odor and other harmful gases.It is recommended that a filter cartridge should be used for 7 days at most. Ultra low drag of new materials and the static stability of high and low temperature, thereby purifying air without affecting the hot air conditioning system, the filter element and the shell adopts environmentally safe non-toxic materials,can be recycled, filter replacement is very convenient, only need to open the shell, replace the filter, cover the shell, then you can enjoy the clean air , clip using silicone material, can be easily fixed, pick and place by one hand, safe and conveniet.

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