The challenge of the Can-Am Maverick X3 was to bring a high end revolutionary and innovative side-by-side vehicle to a rapidly evolving and very competitive market by exceeding the driver’s expectations with industry-leading performance, engineering and design. By starting with a clean sheet of paper, engineering and design teams were able to build from the ground up a platform that would dramatically lower both the centre of gravity and the ergonomic cell. This offered the users ultimate comfort and stability while giving a proportion and stance like no other in the industry. The Maverick X3’s dynamics and ability to handle any terrain at high speeds was increased due to the massive suspension travel of 22” in the front and 24” in the rear. With one of the most efficient and powerful 172 hp turbocharged inline triple Rotax motors, the Maverick X3 reaches 0-60 in 4.4 seconds. All that performance at hand the X3 had to make as much of a bold design statement. Aggressive looks wrapped in tight edged intersections and flowing muscular surfaces make the vehicle stand out from the crowd. The Maverick X3 delivers Definite, Powerful and Precise performance in a jaw dropping package.

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