The all-new Bombardier Flexity Vienna will shape the cityscape of Austria‘s capital for the next few decades. That‘s why a decidedly calm, sustainable, inviting and timeless design language is key. Design elements of the city‘s existing tram fleet are cited and reinterpreted.
The paintwork and the side view discreetly quote the local predecessors, facilitating the transition to the passengers. The Flexity Vienna will blend into the viewing habits of the city.
Nonetheless, this is a modern vehicle: headlight design and organisation of the A-pillar shape a specific, distinctive character: the uncommonly high-rising windscreen, together with the quiet progression of the roof, form a very slender and timeless, inviting impression.
By end of January 2018 the first vehicle of this new tram series was delivered, regular operation will start in August 2018. With more than 150 vehicles ordered, this is one of the biggest assignments in Europe in recent years.

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