The AURA™ Breathalyzer is a hand-held breath alcohol screening device that utilizes electrochemical fuel cell sensor technology to analyze the oxidation of ethanol within human breath samples. This device is intended to provide an estimate of a test subject’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC), based on the analysis of that subject’s breath sample.

With a halo-inspired design and customizable OLED display, the sleek and innovative AURA™ delivers an unprecedented fashionable alternative to existing breathalyzer models. Combined with law-enforcement grade electrochemical fuel cell sensor technology, the uniquely blends precision with high fashion.

Being constantly exposed to the L.A./Hollywood nightlife scene, we at Ho International Design, Inc. (HIDI) are well aware that image and public perception have historically deterred the public and widespread use of personal breathalyzers. To overcome this obstacle, we leveraged our background in fashion and product design to create a chic, groundbreaking breathalyzer specifically designed to reshape the world’s perception of responsible celebration.

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