Keep your shovel or any other longitudinal outdoor gear at easy reach and free up more space in your vehicle. AceO’Spades attaches to a vehicle’s roof rack and stores long-handled equipment safely, securely and conveniently on the outside of your vehicle.

AceO’Spades securely holds handles up to 30-55mm in diameter and is ideal for tools with straight shafts (shovels), “D” handle (spades), and oval handles (axes), as well as sporting equipment (paddles or oars).

AceO’Spades is revolutionary and innovative due to its unique “pop & drop” mechanism – simply pop open the handcuff-inspired holders.

Other products in this space can only carry tools with a straight shaft.

What is also unique is that it is lockable with the addition of the “Same Key System” (SKS) locks to keep equipment safe.

Finally, inside each holder element are rubber pads with cross-directional ribs that stop the carried item from sliding out or twisting (e.g. an axe loaded in stays oriented how you want it). These rubber pads also provide cushioning and protection for carried loads.

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