XDIAVEL FOR RED DOT AWARD Long, low, beefy, with modern lines and technologically advanced components. And, above all, sexy. A bike conceived, on one side, with the Cruiser world in mind and Ducati DNA on the other, that takes the Cruiser concept into the future offering nothing less than a true “Technocruiser”. The XDiavel has a unique silhouette. It captures the gaze, frames the full volume of the bike, balances it between the wheels and brings out the beauty of the engine. As the star of the show, the engine has been meticulously designed down to the very last detail. The overriding goal was to highlight the intra-cylinder ‘L’, the hallmark of every Ducati. Extreme in its proportions, the XDiavel has deliberately been designed “element by element”. The frame, short and modern, is immediately recognisable as the classic Ducati Trellis frame. The headlamp, an ultra-modern interpretation of the classic Ducati naked headlight, now features the innovative DRL, giving the bike immediate recognisability. And so on with tailpiece, silencer and seat: all elements that, observed individually, have their own appeal yet, together, produce an extremely harmonic, balanced whole.

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