The product for the handlebar area of motorbikes combines simple and dynamic design, an anodized optic and stable CNC milled aluminum with innovative and ergonomic driving pleasure. Due to many curves – which do not affect the supple feel and the harmonious design – the diverse functionality with a sporty utility is hardly visible and tangible. A further benefit for the overall picture of the handlebar optic. With the clamping frame named varioRiser it is possible to adjust the position of the handlebar towards or away from the body – in addition to common height adjustment. Scope of inclination: 15.5 mm. The adjustability in the center of varioRisers is minimal in small steps possible, so that this can take place almost continuously. Thus, the driver can adjust the handlebar motorcycle position individually to his body stature and to his preferred driving style. Objectives are: – individual physical ergonomics by optimized seating position – relaxed driving counteracts fatigue, thus, contributing to a safer driving – by using premium quality material, contribution to more stability and security – sportive design Development, design, manufacture and technology: Made in Germany

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