TP-90 is a tire pressure monitoring system especially for 2-wheel motorcycle. It has the world’s smallest and lightest valve-cap external sensor (9g). Its battery can be used up to 3 years and is replaceable (CR1632). With a motorcycle powered display, which is waterproof and dustproof, there is two ways for the display mounting, users can either clip on the handle or stick on the dash. With an easy DIY installation, TP-90 helps to extend the lifetime of the tires and increase fuel economy. The system comes with 2 screws on sensors and a visual display that shows in real time the current tire pressures of both tires in PSI/ Bar format in a front and back scrolling motion. The display provides audible and visual warnings when a tire pressure drops below, rises above the recommended level, slow leaking and high tire temperature. A value added function “battery voltage check” included. The valve-cap external sensor comes with anti-theft locking mechanism. Whenever the tire is in any abnormal conditions, all data can be monitored through the receiver and the system will keep warning and reminding the user, to avoid the accidents caused by flat tires.

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