The Frog is a gadget whose utility is to serve as support for helmets. Its design is inspired by the Tridactylus, the only known frog with three fingers, and follows the principles of Euclidean geometry: the lower surface serves as a tripod providing great stability, and the upper surface adheres to the helmet through an adhesive layer while adapting to its curved shape. The Frog can be placed on both the top and the back of the helmet and, once attached, is permanently ready for use. Thus, The Frog allows the user to stabilize his helmet in any situation and environment, preventing it from rolling and falling, in addition to retaining his function as compartment in which to keep the keys or gloves. In addition to the utilities described above, The Frog contributes to the biker’s security since it’s manufactured in different colors and can include reflective or phosphorescent materials, giving to The Frog the condition of road safety element.

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