This stylish fast-folding electric scooter Stigo can easily be taken along wherever one wishes to go – a restaurant, apartment, on public transportation or a small elevator. This novel scooter weighs only 17 kg, can be towed as a suitcase and in folding position less space than travel luggage.
Stigo designer had a task to create an adult-size electric scooter only out of readily available off-the-shelf parts. The resulting ingenious design follows from cheap to produce curved tubes that all fold together to a kind of minimalistic sandwich. More importantly – designer had to follow EU scooter legislation guidelines, which had to be incorporated into the design as much as possible. All parts and proportions are thoroughly related to each other – one cannot change a component without changing the whole scooter. As batteries and wires are hidden in the tubes and motor is located in the back wheel, the scooter in driving position leaves you wonder how can it drive. Designer has used light and dark colours to make the scooter optically even smaller, while still maintaining perfect proportions for adult drivers.

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