The new SHAD SH36 is a set of side cases that perfectly fit on the bike featuring different colors and finishes.

It has an optimized volume allowing the use of a XXL modular helmet and a Structural Framework which makes this case waterproof due to a double profile and a pyramidal rubber edging that drives water to the base, where is efficiently drained. This structural framework ensures at the same time rigidity and lightness due to the optimization of the materials used.

SH36 comes together with a very significant innovation in the industry: the “3P” system fitting (patent pending); a single arm which supports the three points (3P) needed to fix the side case. It has been designed to shift the luggage’s weight towards the bike’s center of gravity, increasing security and stability. In addition, the use of 3 points confers firmness and flexibility at the same time. This is reflected on a slight swinging of the case, which lets the air to flow easily around it, avoiding the “anchor” effect of a typical flat and rigid case.

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