The Schwalbe is an extraordinary scooter. Since her development in 1964 in the GDR up until end of production in 1986 more than a million models left the assembly line.

Thanks to her unique design, the symbol of freedom and independence has then overcome three decades of passing trends and can still be found more than 150.000 times on the streets of Europe. Finally, redesigned and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the cult object is back!

The Schwalbe embodies like no other scooter the heritage of a generation. The revival of such an icon causes goosebumps for every designer. In fact the design was pushed to a whole new level, simultaneously keeping the recognition value.

With love for detail and great sensitivity, each characteristic feature was transferred to a new design era: Like the round headlight with its boxed housing, the bull’s eye indicators or the two grooves on the rear casing.

The configuration options allow unique choices in the combination of design and technical features. The color range is a reminiscence of the former Simson Schwalbe. Together with the seat options and incorporated technology it builds a bridge between old and new.

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