Recently, European riders prefer Road sports models as they fulfill the desire for excitement in daily use. Rather than bigger and faster, they are favoring a sports experience that answers their needs, which MT-09 embodies with Yamaha’s exclusive “Jinki Kanno” philosophy to bring together the “joy of riding”, “sound and pulse” and “design” than constitute the universal appeal of motorcycles. The design concept is “Synchronized Performance Bike”. The characteristics of the form emphasized the newly developed 3 cylinder “Crossplane Concept” engine and aims to create a unity with the rider to express the joy of controlling at will. Incorportating the ideas of Super Motard bikes, the tank is as short and slim as possible, combined with a flat seat greatly freeing the riding position, thus creating a dynamic and extremely accented from. The greatest feature is in the side view. Compared to the compact engine centered fron body, the large space above the rear wheel opened by the upward shooting seat realized the proportions of an easy-riding image even with the elements of high-powered naked bikes. These design features offer riders a brand new experience of riding a motorcycle.

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