MOLINKS eclectronic motorcycle is created from sprots cars’ desigh concept, first ever changeable shells that can be customed by user which fit user’s personalized demands and prolonged products live cycle and reduced energy consume.
With changeable battery and charge-replace battery station for MOLINKS which can change the battery within 5 seconds, made the MOLINKS’ endurance became unlimited, solve the biggest soft spot of electric vehicles.
Highly intelligent man-machine interactive system inproved riding experience and the meticulously service platform is not only providing every kind of travle services 24/7 but also gives the data support for product surroundings.
MOLINKS electric motorcycle provides massive power of 1200W, the 60V 12AH high performance lithium battery guaranteed you to express your passion under total safe conditions. 120KM endurance(duo battery) and 60KM/H maxinum speed gives you a perfect balance between practicability, safty and fun.
MOLINKS, an artist and life expert that you can ride, gives you limitless possibility for your life.

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