KTM’s design briefing was to maximise the TRAVEL aspect of the KTM 1190 ADVENTURE. For us, ‘Travel’ means to ride further, longer and in more comfort. To do that, the tank size had to be upped, and more wind protection was needed.
Adding cornering lights and the 1290 engine meant the bike was about to get bigger. Bigger normally means heavier, but we had to keep the typical KTM dynamic too.
‘Strong, hard, aggressive’ and ‘not shy’ were our keywords.
First we tackled the massive fuel volume by enlarging the air-outlet and finishing it with a bold, hard chamfer. The fairings are smaller than standard ADVENTURES, but more dynamic in shape and form.
All shapes are simple, bold and dynamic to ‘Hold in’ the volume. The spoilers are as tight, closed and snug as possible to the main volume, bulging out to enclose the new cornering lights that almost appear to fire out of the body.
The double-layer principle of the bikes windscreen is an aerodynamic breakthrough and the result of months of work by the aerodynamicists and designers. Attention to the radii, surface breaks and ribs, makes it one of the most functional front ends of any bike.
Craig Dent

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