KORI Coyote is the only back protector that can unfold into a flexible backpack. Its named after the inventive and
intelligent coyote, one of the most adaptable animals in the world and borne to encourage freedom and safety when
motorcycling. On the bike it’s used folded as a back protector. Off the bike, you unfold it into a backpack, stowing your
protective jacket, trousers and helmet. Enjoy the ride with protection. Enjoy the visit without warm and sweaty
protective equipment. Since launche KORI Coyote has evolved into a new way of looking upon back protection and
has awakened interest in several sport areas outside of motorcycling.
The transformation between back protection and backpack is elegantly made by opening two zippers, instantly the
backpack “fall out” showing its user that there is more to this product.
The neat and elegant design language communicates the simple beauty and passion given by motorcycling and other
extreme sports. The stately mid section, with its calm curvature, folds out and follow throughout the product, folded
and unfolded. The different shades of black (mat/glossy) emphasizes the vital function of the mid section in a calm
and elegant way.

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