Special design for commuters in the modern city. Unique appearance design break through the traditional design language of gasoline motorcycle. The biggest characteristic is that there is an unique curve driving through the moped body. the whole Round body style intend to create affinity that riding in the city without feeling awkward, Angela is popular in the young and fashion group in the city after launched. Angela also is an answer of a new product styling definition for 2 wheels green energy vehicle and bring positive evaluation for the company .Angela had export to the international market, especially in Japan and European country.
Angela’s compact size body can travel on the narrow street, convenient for going into the elevator. Removal lithium battery with light weight that can bring to house for recharging to provide more convenient charging way, especially for the user without the charging plug in the parking lot. Meanwhile, removal battery also can avoid battery stealing. This advantage met the native people’s habit, make life easier and more comfortable. Simple User interface design and operation requirement setting, it allow new user to get start the Angela easily.

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