23 years of Akrapovic exhaust manufacturing technology was called upon into producing the Evolution Line exhaust for the Ducati 1199 Panigale– that’s a lot of know how. Despite this, just like Ducati in building the Panigale, the design effort Akrapovic put into making the ultimate exhaust was the most challenging the Slovenian company had ever faced in order to uphold the fact Evolution Line exhausts are the finest off-the-shelf performance systems available.
Every section of the exhaust is produced from an exclusive selection of titanium alloys available to Akrapovic. The complex design and routing of the exhaust system is the result of precise tube forming and surgical-like TIG welding of the complicated sections. Of course, all done by human eyes, hands and much skill.

What is so special about the Akrapovic Evolution exhaust for the Ducati 1199 Panigale?
•All titanium alloy construction
•Heat resistant carbon end cap and protection shields
•Substantial power (9.4 kW at 5150 rpm) and torque (17.9 Nm at 5300 rpm) gains over standard exhaust
•Weight reduction of 4.8 kg over standard system

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