No field is even. The family of Vicon’s side mounted disc mowers offers impressive ground following abilities for best possible mowing results – regardless of the circumstances. The mowers’ lightweight QuattroLink 4-arm suspension mechanism provides unrivalled flexibility (700mm total range up and down). Inspired by a Formula 1 race car suspension, ground contact is guaranteed. The tractor can be driven faster, resulting in higher mowing productivity. Widest possible width is applied while mowing, but width of double-sided models can be shortened via the telescopic frame arm for minimized transport width. Furthermore the integrated, vertical park solution keeps the machines well balanced. The adjustment of cutting widths on double-sided models are hydraulically changeable with just one hand movement. The mowers are easy to handle for experienced farmers as well as untrained personnel, and have built-in safety features (mower moves back and up when obstacles appear). Handles and operating elements are positioned centrally. The mowers have a calm, integrated exterior while expressing dynamic movement. Many features, like bumpers, have evolved. They are smaller, but just as effective.

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