VDL Bus & Coach has asked Vanderveer Designers to help them define the future of Public Transport! This future is electric, this future is about socially acceptable design and this future about pay-per-use instead of ownership.

Thus, far this has resulted in the first fully electric bus line in Germany (Line 133 in Cologne) and the largest fully electric fleet in Europe to date (Eindhoven).
The ‘VDL Citea SLFA Electric’ is able to drive all day long, taking in electricity at strategically positioned charging stations along the way.

Vanderveer Designers played a major role in defining ‘social acceptability’ whilst also showing off the innovative, futuristic character of the product. The result being a sleek and friendly looking bus completely devoid of any aggressive features: Wheel are covered, forms are soft and flowing.
Large glass surfaces allow the driver to have the best possible overview of the world outside the bus, and allow him or her to look for eye-contact with other road users.

In front of the driver, there is a state of the art TFT-screen dashboard which prioritizes the information required. Passenger flow has been carefully studied and optimized. Connectivity has

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