Valtra´s all new N-Series tractor is built on three core customer values: Reliability, ease of use and low operation cost. It is the most powerful 4-cylinder tractor there is with the best power/weight ratio in its class. This light and compact machine is now capable of handling most of the 6-cylinder´s tasks cost-effectively and with smaller fuel consumption.

The tractor has a turning radius of 4.5 meters only making it agile in tight places. In addition it is ready for autonomous steering on the field.

A lot of emphasis is put on ergonomics, comfort and visibility of the cab of N4. Well thought-out layout and design of controls makes interior calm and comfortable to use during long hours spent in the tractor. By reducing visual distractions the operator can easily focus on a task at hand.

Exterior is designed together with users, designers and engineers to provide extraordinary visibility. With nearly 7 m2 window surface and 270 degree windscreen wiper safe and precise operations are guaranteed.

N4 shares the same dynamic design language with other 4th generation products from Valtra. It conveys the company´s brand message of a high quality and high performing machine.

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