The TAM-Europe electric bus’s innovative design is as modular as possible. Its three sections (front, middle and rear) allow for high modularity in terms of types of doors or windows, left or right driving position, length and width of the middle section. The power train is also modular (batteries, motors, driving axle and optional diesel or fuel cell range extenders) and the design of the bus reflects the modularity through large glass surfaces. It is extremely ergonomic with a high driver’s position for optimal. It also boasts a hydraulic suspension and instead of kneeling, the whole bus is lowered at the bus station, enabling easy access for passengers. The extra wide electrical passenger doors open rapidly and allow for comfortable entry and exit from the bus. The passenger area is all on the same level without the wheel arches, allowing for full flexibility with layouts. Structural parts of the bus are made of stainless steel and composite materials, which makes the bus very lightweight and durable and decreases the maintenance costs. Due to modularity, the repairs of potential damages are quick and efficient.

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