Trams ForCity Plus are being made by Škoda Transportation for the Slovak capital Bratislava. Their concept is based on the modern ForCity Classic Miskolc trams, which are designed for the Hungarian city of Miskolc. Bratislava’s ForCity Plus trams are bi-directional and low-floored, equipped with modern electronics. Trams are five-sectional and carry up to 350 passengers. The first and last bogies are fully reversible and have a 1000 mm gauge.

Trams offer enough space for passengers, suitable location of restraints and very quiet operation. The vehicles are fully air-conditioned, including the driver’s cabin. For passengers with reduced mobility, a tilting platform is ready. There is also a device for voice communication between the blind passengers and the driver in the vehicle. Of course, there is also a clear audiovisual, information and CCTV system.

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