The SETRA TopClass 500 –
A new dimension in coach travel

Luxury, cost-effectiveness and aerodynamics
converge into a finely tuned blend of
dynamic and beauty.
With charismatic self-confidence and
a powerfully distinctive personality,
this coach is the undisputed flagship
of the Setra product family – making its
mark with unmistakable DNA and a leitmotif
that permeates both its exterior and interior.
The newly designed “La Linea” brings
dynamism to the coach’s profile, while
reflecting the brand’s exceptional safety.
Refined materials and flowing lines
make for a polished interior ambience.
Large windows, together with the
widely stretched panoramic roof,
create an interior space that is bright
and flooded with light, while cutting-edge
LED lighting ensures a warm, inviting
interior atmosphere at night.
With the TopClass 500, the Setra brand
is once again carrying its heritage and
passion towards a new balance of
elegant, stirring aesthetics and truly
exceptional product quality. And,
as always, with a clear focus
on people and their wellbeing.

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