The new 8000 Series of self propelled forage harvesters is an entire new harvesting machine. Such a machine is an image project due to the low industry numbers and needs to provide Uptime, low cost of operation and effciency. These critical subjects are reflected in an industry leading design, which got special attention during the development phase over the last 7 Years. When developing a design for technical machines like a forage harvester, the challenge is to make the look special, powerful but still dynamic and light. Those characters are shown in the design of the 8000 series. The ambition was to give it a formal look as one unit, with different areas made of steel, the cab, the spout and the fairing. Another very important subject was to create a sustainable design, especially as design lifes in the forage harvester businesses are relatively long compared to tractors f.e. Thats why smooth and consistend design messages were choosen, to make it appear as one unit.

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