The Qatar Foundation has commissioned Siemens for its country’s first rail project: 19 Avenio trams linking the various sites on the QEC campus. Design has been used strategically to make the case for sustainable urban transport, personalizing the tram for local conditions and traveler needs, while complementing the campus’ modern architecture.
The exterior offers a stark, modern, picture; pure lines and dark windows set against pristine white shapes. Its impression is further elevated as the tram is powered by a recharging energy system: no overhead wires above the track, no visible parts on-board. Smart sophistication continues to the interior materials. Functional choices respect maintenance needs & conceal ever-present desert dust. Sunshades and dark, thermic glass offer travelers a comfortable ride despite the scorching 50°C heat. Subtly-styled seat fabrics & integrated, well-detailed supports exude quality to the passenger, summing up the airy, light and elegant travel experience.
Unlike the primary colored functionalism one associates with public transport, restrained and strategic design choices achieve a timeless tribute to QEC’s harmonious and sophisticated image.

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