The New City is the new bid for the urban bus segment of the Castrosua group. Modernity and technology come together to create a bus with accentuated lines and aesthetic purposes. An avant-garde design, which gives him a differentiating value and opens the way for the future for city buses.
Security, functionality and comfort prevail in its design. The last generation LED daytime lights reproduce the Castrosua C as a symbol of brand identity. These exterior lights provide a unique character to the product. Along with this, the windshield with its involving design, improves the driver’s visibility.
The new drivers space of the New City, improves the ergonomics to promote optimal working conditions the person guiding the vehicle.
This model provides important benefits to operators and users, incorporating improvements to active safety as a system of acoustic and luminous signal for doors in motion; next-generation devices such as USB connectors or retro illuminated pushbuttons, among others.
The vehicle is built on any Diesel or CNG-powered chassis, with lengths ranging from 10 to 18 meters.

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