MANITOU Group is very proud to introduce his new range of telehandlers for the agricultural market, which stands out in terms of design, ergonomics and comfort.
The style is very dynamic, reflecting efficiency. The “sword” line on the engine bonnet and the design of the exhaust silencer casing with its sharp lines indicate power and agility. The access to the cabin has been very much improved with an indented floor so that it is easy to climb and to come down in a very secure and comfortable way. Thanks to a panoramic plunging windscreen, once seated the visibility of the ground has been greatly improved, enhanced by the design of the dashboard. In the upper part, we have designed this new patented protective grid with lighter and profiled blade. A fine work has been provided on the positioning of the controls taking into account the frequency of use. The machine offers a screen browser device to improve the interface between operator and machine in addition to our specific joystick.The Information is contextualised depending on the use and some pop ups help the understanding between the operator and machine. All together 8 patents were submitted during this new design.

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