Designed and manufactured by Rocla in Finland, best user experience is the main design driver for this unique forklift. From the moment driver steps into the easy-access cabin and starts driving, everything feels right.
The pioneering Sensitive Drive System with progressive controls for acceleration and handling not only give a natural feeling to the driving and lifting experience but appear to ‘know’ how the operator needs the truck to behave at any moment. It adapts the truck’s response to the operator’s movements. Intelligent curve control reduces speed in cornering smoothly, with no sensation of leaning, for safe, productive driving.
EDiA EX models turn within their own dimensions – truly exceptional in its class. At the back, the wheels turn by a huge 100°, meanwhile at the front, twin drive motors act independently – delivering incredibly agile, four wheel steering.
Full-colour, clear-view display, with information in operator’s own language, advises on truck status and avoids misuse. Ergonomic and adjustable armrest together with mast controls follows the natural hand and finger movements. Cleverly angled dashboard and counterweight maximises the driver’s all-round view.

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