The new Tümosan 9115 series tractors render the powerful structure and performance with its sharp design surfaces which is coming from the Tumosan’ s past and the near technological future.
– 9115 hood front and large perforated grills wide for the right air circulation for motor equipments. lower front hood lines from cabinet to the front weights, provides enviroment control.
– %100 Turkish Engineers made nature-friendly Stage III-A 4 cylinder diesel engine located in the front hood.
– Opportunity to work in a large speed range with 24 forward and 24 backward splitter transmission,
– User can easly access engine equipments at right angles, when user open the front hood ,
– Ultra large and safe driver cabin structure renders; technological, voluminous and user friendly solutions with ergonomics. Driver and passenger regulated seats positioned with right ergonomics, which are more comfortable, functional and with safety equipments. Ergonomic function controls and modules around the driver.

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