The L 580 LogHandler XPower® is a specialized machine for timber handling. Based on the latest large wheel loader model, Liebherr has further developed design and technology to meet the specific demands of the timber industry. With its distinct lines and the powerful lift arm, the L 580 LogHandler XPower® clearly stands out from its competitors. Its newly developed hydraulic combi gripper can hold up to 8.7 tons and pick up logs with particular ease. In addition, the Smooth Speed Reduction (SSR-System) from Liebherr allows for particularly precise manoeuvring of the logs.
The Liebherr XPower driveline offers fast acceleration and high travel speeds with simultaneously high fuel efficiency. The compact silhouette of the L 580 LogHandler XPower® conveys a sense of power and reflects its dynamic driving performance and also facilitates access for maintenance. The tapered engine hood and the high amount of glazed sections of the operator’s cab offer ideal visibility and enhance safety in the proximity of the wheel loader. Individual control elements can be adapted and create a comfortable work environment.

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