The new FM-X is designed to increase goods handling performance and to reduce the expenditure of time and money. Therefore the FM-X guarantees an efficient warehouse.
Thanks to the novel active vibration damping, the FM-X uses targeted pulses of thrust to counteract the mast vibrations that unavoidably occur during operation. This results in considerably faster storage and retrieval processes. Combined with the reach truck’s high remaining load-carrying capacities and small working aisle widths, the machine is perfectly suitable for optimising a warehouse’s storage density.
For improved visibility, the FM-X is available with transverse mast movement, which is exclusive to STILL. In addition to improved visibility, this also ensures lower operating costs because it avoids costly hydraulic hose changes. The STILL joystick, which is intuitive to use and especially well designed ergonomically, guarantees quick, safe, fatigue-free working at all times. The joystick can be used to perform four superimposed movements simultaneously. For example extending the mast, mast side-shifting, lifting and tilting the forks can take place at the same time.

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