“Dualmotion” Adaptive Back Support

Tractor drivers have to turn around often to watch attachments at the rear, and they frequently remain in that position for quite a while. The solution to this problem is “dualmotion”, an absolute new adaptive back support that has been developed and patented by Grammer. It can crucially contribute to reduce physical stresses for operators.

The decisive innovation: the upper part of the backrest adjusts automatically to users’ posture when they turn around! This marks the market launch of the very first seat system that actively supports operators while they are watching rear attachments, thus minimizing the associated strains. Dualmotion, the adaptive back support prevents premature fatigue and also significantly increases comfort while driving with the upper body twisted.

To ensure easy use of the “dualmotion” solution, Grammer has intentionally refrained from installing an additional control element. Instead, it intuitively and automatically adjusts in response to the upper body’s rotation.

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